Puzzles by Shape

Welcome to my list of jigsaw puzzles, grouped by their finished shape. I understand that different puzzlers have different preferences when it comes to the puzzle shapes, so I divided the list into piece count for your convenience. Each section features a range of designs and themes, all with the same basic shape.

Within each category, I've ranked the puzzles according to my overall star rating. The score takes into account various factors, as explained on my About page.

Square (8)
Sandstone Church, Port Arthur
A square puzzle from Crown Puzzles - 2.2 stars
Bibliophile Book Club Darlings
A square puzzle from Galison - 3.1 stars
European Birds
A square puzzle from Grovely - 3.8 stars
Antarctic Magic
A square puzzle from Ceaco - 4 stars
The Brands The Built Britain
A square puzzle from Gibsons - 4 stars
Country Bus
A square puzzle from Corner Piece - 4.1 stars
Going North? St. Pancras
A square puzzle from Ravensburger - 4.5 stars
Burano, Italy
A square puzzle from Bei Bi La - 4.6 stars
Circle (1)
Return Of The King
A circle puzzle from Ravensburger - 4.5 stars