Category Scores
Pieces 10/10
Fit 10/10
Confusion 10/10
Picture 8/10
Going North? St. Pancras box front
Going North? St. Pancras box front
Shape Square
Brand Ravensburger

Going North? St. Pancras

by Ravensburger

Going North? St. Pancras - work in progress
Going North? St. Pancras - work in progress

Ravensburger have a considerable reputation for making quality jigsaw puzzles, but this was my first time trying one. While a lot of the sales pitch sounds like empty marketing hype (with their handmade cutting tools and "special" cardboard), it turns out that it's pretty much all true.

As you'll see in the rest of this review, I was so impressed that I might have bought another Ravensburger I spotted in the local charity shop earlier today...

Pieces - 10/10

Pretty much perfect; hard and inflexible, just the right thickness and yet easy to pick up from a flat, smooth table. The print is well attached to the main body, and I genuinely struggle to find any negatives.

Fit - 10/10

Genuinely outstanding; Ravensburger make a big deal about their "handmade cutting tools", but they really are in a class of their own. The fit is properly snug - there's no wiggle room in the joins at all - but somehow manage to be relaxed enough that when it comes time to dissemble, the entire puzzle can crumple like a sheet.

I wish all jigsaws were made this well.

Confusion - 10/10

Another benefit of Ravensburgers cutting style; there is never any doubt about whether two pieces belong together. Physically, they either fit perfectly or they simply don't connect. I'm not entirely sure how they've managed this feat with a thousand different pieces, but it really does live up to the marketing.

A Proud Puzzler
A Proud Puzzler

Differentiation - 7/10

I have to admit, when I realised that the broad red border on the box was actually part of the puzzle, my heart sank somewhat. The sides are completely blank for 3 or 4 pieces in, and although there is a tiny colour variation from one side to the other, it's nowhere near enough to help.

Honestly, if the pieces weren't so well cut this would have been a nightmare. As it is, the pieces are so well made that you could probably put together an entirely blank puzzle without going entirely mad.

The rest of the puzzle is busy with interesting and varied detail, which makes it a pleasure to put together (especially after the battle with the border!)

Picture - 8/10

This image is an old advert, from the Midland Railway in 1910. I'm a sucker for trains, so it's nice to see St. Pancras from a historical perspective; while I'm not a huge fan of the painting style, the detail is nice and makes for a nice end product.

Going North? St. Pancras - the completed puzzle
Going North? St. Pancras - the completed puzzle