Category Scores
Pieces 9/10
Fit 10/10
Confusion 10/10
Picture 10/10
Burano, Italy box front
Burano, Italy box front
Shape Square
Brand Bei Bi La

Burano, Italy

by Bei Bi La

One of the advantages of having visitors over the Christmas period was that it pushed me into clearing all the junk off our dining table; once all the guests had gone I'd reclaimed my puzzling space and pounced before I filled it back up!

This puzzle was sat on top of the pile; at first I thought it was a fairly anonymous no-name Chinese puzzle, but searching online revealed that in fact Bei Bi La was the name of the brand, rather than the puzzle itself.

Having been so impressed with the quality, I will definitely have to seek out more puzzles from this brand.

A Proud Puzzler
A Proud Puzzler

Pieces - 9/10

It's hard to fault these puzzle pieces; they're thick and solid, without getting too thick and heavy. There are couple of slightly crumpled edges, which is only to be expected in a used puzzle, but overall it was a joy to assemble.

The pieces have an interestingly wide variety of shapes and sizes; it's not a simple linear cut - which adds to the interest.

There was one piece (out of a thousand!) that had a fairly flat edge, and made me wonder if it was an edge piece or not, but there were enough other clues (the rest of the edge was fairly regular) for it not to be an issue.

Fit - 10/10

The fit is, once again, almost perfect here - the lugs engage firmly, and well enough that you could probably pick the entire puzzle up and nothing would drop out of place.

However, it's a loose enough fit that when it comes time to dissemble the puzzle you can just shake it apart. I didn't have a single piece snag on me when trying to get it back into the box - rare with a puzzle that fit so well together.

Confusion - 10/10

Despite the diverse shapes and sizes of the pieces, the confusion test is a genuine triumph. I could always be confident of when pieces were meant to go together, even when the edges didn't line up because of the non-linear cutting.

While I didn't search for exceptions, I never put two pieces together and found a good fit when they weren't supposed to be together. Brilliant.

Differentiation - 7/10

The nature of this picture contains a lot of block colour - sky, lagoon, brightly coloured houses - but there is generally enough of a clue, in the form of texture, shadows and small items to guide you.

There are a couple of exceptions; parts of the sky are fairly homogenous and I know I ended up doing a fair bit of 'matching purely by shape' because the colour was flat and lacking enough variation to help.

The other big sticking point was a blue building in the foreground that, in parts, was the same colour as used either in the sky or the lagoon - it was only a couple of pieces that didn't have any resolving detail in them, but they were hard to find!

Picture - 10/10

It's bright, bold and colourful and transports you to the warm sun of the Venitian Lagoon, which is ideal on a cold grey January evening!

Burano, Italy - the completed puzzle
Burano, Italy - the completed puzzle