Category Scores
Pieces 8/10
Fit 7/10
Confusion 10/10
Picture 7/10
The Brands The Built Britain box front
The Brands The Built Britain box front
Shape Square
Brand Gibsons

The Brands The Built Britain

by Gibsons

The Brands The Built Britain - work in progress
The Brands The Built Britain - work in progress

I enjoyed this puzzle a lot; it's easy to dip into and doesn't have any of those 'sticking points' you sometime reach with puzzles, when you can't put off the blank blue sky any longer or you can't find a good starting point.

Plus, I got to play "how many of these brands to I remember" the whole time!

Pieces - 8/10

The pieces in this puzzle are pretty good; stiff enough to be easily to handle, very easy to pick up without fingernails and feeling very solid.

If anything, they are on the edge of being too thick, but only very marginally - overall I'm very happy with them.

Fit - 7/10

Thanks to the heavyweight pieces, the fit is good and solid - no fear of brushing past the puzzle and disassembling it by accident!

When it comes time to take it apart, the pieces are a little reluctant to separate but it's not too bad; certainly you're not reduced to picking each piece apart one by one, which I've had to do in some cases.

One thing I noticed more often than average; the pieces have an odd tendancy to attach themselves to each other in the box and need to be gently teased apart as you go through them. It's odd and I can't quite work out why they're like this - maybe the bulge on the 'prongs' are less pronounced than normal, allowing them to engage so easily?

Still, it's a minor quibble.

Confusion - 10/10

Just about the least confusing puzzle I've seen! Pieces that are meant to be together attach easily and snuggly; pieces that don't belong together always and immediately feel wrong - I never had any time when I was unsure about whether a piece I was trying belonged.

I wish all puzzles could be like this!

Differentiation - 8/10

The nature of a picture like this - completely packed with small, distinct packaging without any real fields of single colours - means that differentiation is naturally good.

Luckily, all the packaging is distinct enough that you can easily tell where things belong (and where they don't!)

In fact, in some ways it's too well differentiated. I found myself able to place individual pieces in the middle of the puzzle, unattached to anything, because it was so easy to tell where they were supposed to go.

In a weird way, this makes the puzzle almost too easy, so it loses a couple of points.

Picture - 7/10

It's not what you think of as a classical jigsaw picture, but there is a definite 'sub-genre' of big, busy collections.

This particular one probably appeals to those of us of a certain age; even as I was getting toward the end of the puzzle, I was still spotting products I'd not noticed up to that point and hadn't seen since childhood.

It's an interesting voyage into branding; while some products are unrecognisable (if they're even still in production), a handful don't seem to have changed in half a century or more.

The box front doesn't show the full image - there's an odd frame that's been added - but there's a picture enclosed, which matches well with the cropping of the puzzle itself.

The Brands The Built Britain - the completed puzzle
The Brands The Built Britain - the completed puzzle